International Music Festival

The Enchanting Flute

Friday 4 October – Sunday 6 October 2019

Rožnov pod Radhoštěm- Czech Republic
The Božská Flétna/ Enchanting Flute Festival
is a 3 day event with panflute concerts, panflute lessons, workshops and seminars in the heart of Moravia. The festival takes place in the Wallachian Open Air Museum, the perfect setting for this festival.

The concerts:

Friday 4.10.2019 19:00 h. is the opening concert „My jsme Valaši“ (we are Valachian) with Romanian panflutists
Ruxandra Pitulice (student of Gheorghe Zamfir), Gheorghe Rizea (student of Cornal Pana) and Czech panflutist Liselotte Rokyta (student of Damian Luca and Nicolae Pârvu), accompanied by the army ensemble VUS Ondráš.
The musicians will take you on a journey through the Carpathian Mountains, from Bucharest to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

Saturday 5.10.2019 14:30 h. you will be able to hear the panflute in a different setting. Swiss panflutist
Jeanne Gollut (student of Michel Tirabosco) and excellent guitarist Alessio Nebiolo will impress you with their skills in the concert „Debut“.

Saturday 5.10.2019 18:00 h. panflutists
Andreea Chira (student of Cornel Pana), Jeanne Gollut and Liselotte Rokyta will play the gala concert with known classical melodies, accompanied by Camerata Janáček.

Sunday 6.10.2019 14:00 h. You can hear the panflute combined with the king of instruments, the organ.
Liselotte Rokyta and Dutch organist Jacob Schenk will takeyou on a journey with well-known classical compositions and Romanian temperament in the program Magické píšťaly (Magical pipes).

Almost all concerts take place in the Wallachian Museum, in the concert hall in Janíkova Stodola and the wooden church Sv. Anny..
Except the concert of Liselotte Rokyta and Jacob Schenk. This concert will take place in the church Všech svatých, situated at the main square in Rožnov.

The dayprogram:

During the festival you will have the posibility to have a private lesson from
Andreea Chira and Jeanne Gollut on Friday 4.10.2019 between 15 and18 o‘ clock. On Saturday 5.10.2019 you can book a private lesson with Andreea Chira between 9 and 11 o‘ clock.
Places are limited, so contact us as soon as possible if you are interested!

Other than this, you can listen to seminars about panflute, try a new instrument, search for sheetmusic and cd‘s. Or you can enjoy the beauty of the museum, look around in Rožnov or go for a hike to the look out tower on the hill.

The hotel:

Hotel Bečva is our partner at this festival.
It is a nice and clean hotel.
Other possibilies are hotel AGV and hotel Energetic.


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